The Art Of Astral Travel and Astral Projection

Almost anyone can learn the art of Astral Travel. In this section you'll find some basic information on astral travel, as well as a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Astral Projection or is it Astral Travel? The Difference is...

There is actually a big difference between these two terms, though they are often used interchangeably. Astral Projection is the art of projecting your consciousness out of your physical body and into your Astral Body. Astral Travel is the art of traveling in your Astral Body after you have successfully used Astral Projection to get from your Physical Body into your Astral Body.

Who Can Learn Astral Travel?

Anyone should be able to learn astral travel as long as they are able to follow the meditation techqiues. Those are really the only things that stop most people. All you have to do is learn them. It takes time, and it takes patience. But it can be done with simple perseverence.

Is Astral Travel Dangerous?

In a word, no. It is a completely natural process and is not dangerous. And to dispel another myth, no, you can't get lost. The hard part isn't getting back to your body; it's getting out. A simple desire to return to the body is usually enough to make it happen.

Also, in the case of an extended journey, be aware that you will automatically return when you become physically tired.

The Tools You Need to Get Started

All you really need are two basic tools. The first one is the Simple Breath Meditation.

The second is the Quick Start Guide to Astral Travel.

Once you have become proficient with the basic meditation our Quick Start Guide will help you learn the specific techniques required for astral projection. After having learned astral projection, the traveling part is as easy as thinking about where you want to go.

The Quick Start Guide was written to be short and to the point so that you would not be bogged down in material that is simply not required for the fundamental and functional purpose of projecting and travelling.

The Best Approach

This section on personal development was put together specifically to help people unlock their natural abilities. I have put the sections together in a carefully thought out order to guide people along the way.

If you start at the beginning of the Personal Development Section and follow the meditations and exercises. Once you have mastered the basic meditation, then you can start in on the quick start guide.


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